Thursday, December 31, 2009

For Long Long LOOOONNGGG time

Sitting at must expensive drink in the malaysia (Starbucks) in the middle of the jungle full of conceit and carbon mono i finally have remember i had a blog with i used to dump my nonsense feeling which i stop.....since when ah? nevermind i dun even remember what are my password to log in^^. Anyway i think i made up my mind to start a new me which free from fantasy and imagination. As a starter, i will change my style in blog writing which found out could lame^^. This holiday wake me up for all fantasy and i realize that foot must be on the ground and walk straight^^ (Thank for wake up slap(real one) in face, it hurts but at least it nudge me). For all the character in my fantasy such as si ying (which is the main women actress) sorry for anything during my hot pursuit(not really hot also) and make you uncomfortable in all the ways, now i understand feeling cant be force( if you change you mind i will be very happy^^), i hope we will not be awkward when we meet^^ . Now i would like send massage to all the hot chicks(not a must for hot^^) out there, close all your windows and doors cause lone wolf on the loose.

My mission for now, i try to loose my weight in many ways but i fail due to my mom cook(damn nice). So, i decided to make it hard rather then make it hard, cause i found out i m a easy fat person. now my hand and chess making progress and next will the my 10+ year old fat on my belly.

That all for now, next sem would me hell on earth which i expected. hope my frens will help me out of this as i will do the same to damn.

by the way, i m Ronald Thong^^

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  1. eh ronald wong!! i mean thong.. wanna lose weight a? think twice! lol